Friday, November 11, 2005

How To Set Up Fedora Core ™ has a list of instructions on how to set up Fedora Core as your personal computer system. Quite a few steps are similar to the ones I've discussed here and in Working With Fedora Core, but there are a few differences: disk partitioning scheme, where to get Java (he likes Sun, I like Blackdown), he likes VLC, I'm more into Xine and mplayer, etc. But it's a useful document.

Also useful are his references:

All of these are useful, especially if you are installing Fedora for the first time.

Oh, the novel? It's at about 7,600 words. I'll post the latest chapters sometime today. Something short of 1/6th done, with only 20 days to go. Fortunately I'm now past the introductory stuff, maybe I can get more written as we get into the action.