Friday, March 18, 2011

Why I Hate March

I just spent the last three hours not watching the Kansas-Boston University first round NCAA game. In case you didn't join me in not watching, KU spent the first 25 or so minutes wondering why the BU players weren't genuflecting. Then they concentrated for a few minutes, and the game was over. Because of course, you know, when #1 meets #16, #16 has never won, right?

Trust me. Some day it will happen. And which team will that be? We'll, let's look at the past for some clues, starting here:

  • 2010: #1 Seed, lost in second round
  • 2007: #1 Seed, lost in Sweet 16
  • 1998: #1 Seed, lost in second round
  • 1997: #1 Seed, lost in Sweet 16
  • 1995: #1 Seed, lost in Sweet 16
  • 1992: #1 Seed, lost in second round

Not to mention Bradley, or Bucknell, or the suffering I did during the Ted Owens years.

It's enough to make one start a website, except a) someone beat me too it, and b) Roy was as bad, or worse, because he didn't win a Championship until he clicked his heels three times and went home.

But mark my words, the #1 Seed in NCAA history to lose in the first round will have a six-letter name on the front of the jersey, and have two Crimson and Blue mascots that look something like this.