Tuesday, October 31, 2006

OK, Let's Get It Over With

Short circuiting the upcoming political frenzy.


  1. John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, made a ''joke'' in poor taste about education and the military;
  2. George Bush, who did something during Vietnam, took offense;
  3. John Kerry is a Democrat;
  4. John Kerry is not running for office this year;
  5. He doesn't hold any office, either;
  6. Nor is he likely to hold office any time in the next decade;
  7. George Bush is a Republican;
  8. He's not running for anything, either;
  9. He is President of the United States;
  10. Republican candidates all across the country are asking not to be judged by George Bush's record on the war, immigration, Social Security, Medicare, Trade, the economy, and our relationships with other countries; nor by anything he or Donald Rumsfeld says;

Be it resolved that:

every Democratic candidate will be roundly condemned because of one thoughtless remark

Here endeth the Fox News version of the argument

Oops, I've been informed that John Kerry is still a Senator from Massachusetts. My bad. Just goes to show you how inconsequential he is these days.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Software That Guards Its House

Well, we're back. I know, I know, it's been over a month and a half, but I had a severe attack of apathy and needed to renew my creative juices. You know, like Gary Larson, Gary Trudeau, Aaron McGruder, and Harvey Dowerman. Oh, Harvey? He wrote his first blog entry in 2002, and hasn't posted since. Still looking for the perfect post.

Here's a nice piece of software: It's a Trojan that installs its own anti-virus scanner on your system. Nice, huh? Your system is fully protected from viruses. How magnanimous. I mean, you won't find that kind of philanthropy from every piece of malware on your computer.

Well, it's not that nice, really. The Trojan just wants to use your computer without any competition, so it bundles itself with a (pirated, natch') copy of anti-virus software, keeping out doze udder guys.

Next up, it will probably decide that the guy at the keyboard is wasting to much CPU time, so I'd watch out if I was using Windows.