Tuesday, November 22, 2005


The count on the novel increases. I'm now up the Chapter 19, which is really way too many. These should really be called "fits" rather than "chapters," because each of them is a "fit" of writing, where I write a lot, and then stop for a bit.

18,000 words, 9 days to go, ==> 2,000 words per day. Well, I think I can average that, but I've got commitments for tomorrow night, so don't expect anything posted until Thanksgiving morning.

Defects in writing style: I'm planning on doing an entire post mortem on the whole thing in December, but one of the annoying things I've found is that I suffer from here-comes-a-commercialitis. You know, the idea that each commercial break should end with a dramatic development or an ironic comment. I hate that! And yet, I find myself doing it at the end of every chapter, including 19, published tonight.

By the way, earlier chapters have changed a bit. In particular, in Chapter 9 I added a few lines to drive home the fact that the SGC knows that "The Cylons Were Created By Man." Sorry, I'm not including a changelog, I don't have time. I'll try to warn you where changes have taken place, though.

Hope this isn't too incoherent. I'm half asleep now.

Good Night, All.