Saturday, April 14, 2007

THE Record Book

Every year, for decades, the people at The Sporting News has been putting out an annual Baseball Record Book. I have several of them on my shelf. Want to know how many no-hitters have been pitched? It's there. Record number of home runs hit by a second baseman? It's there. Want to see the famous Maris asterisk? Well, it wasn't ever there, but the older books did say that the home run record for a 154 game season was 60, by someone named Ruth, and Maris hit 61 in a 162 game season, until Mark McGwire erased both in 1998.

Used to be you had to pay for all of this, updated yearly. No more. This year, it's free. That's right, SN lets you download eleven PDF files that make up the whole book. If you want, you can print them out and take them to a binder, but you can also just view them on your screen, and they're searchable using xpdf, evince, kpdf, or even Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Sporting News 2007 Complete Baseball Record Book

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