Monday, April 02, 2007

Broken Windows (XP) -- Part II

After backing up everything on the aforementioned XP machine, I consulted my experts at work, who agreed that the first step should be to put the Windows Reinstallation disk into the CD drive, and boot it up. This should work, right? The computer boots and runs the Ubuntu Live CD without any problem.

Except it doesn't work. The system tells me to “Press any key to boot the CD”, and when I do, it goes straight to the same screens as the last time: First it says Windows won't boot, then when you tell it to boot in safe mode it coughs up a list of files, and finally, it blue screens.

This from an otherwise perfectly healthy computer that runs a live Linux CD without problem.

Meanwhile, people in the house are going through Maple Story withdrawal. It's not pretty.

And you wonder about the subtitle of this blog.