Sunday, April 08, 2007

Broken Windows (XP) -- Part IV

Hey, I'm on a roll. Since last night I've

  • run Windows Update about a gadzillion times, rebooting more often than Mitt Romney changes his political position.
  • Found the ethernet and audio drivers.
  • Figured out what to do next:
    • Install the remaining drivers (graphics tablet, wireless keyboard, printer) and software (except MapleStory)
    • Copy it all to a DVD or two, or maybe one of those dual layer DVDs.
    • Install barebones XP SP1 on a big disk.
    • Copy all the files from the DVD onto the big disk.
    • Boot Windows from the DVD.
    • Restore all the old files I've archived.
    • Install remaining software (Office, Photoshop, etc.)
    • Install the never-to-be-sufficiently-fraked MapleStory.
    • Keep the DVD in a safe place, as a starting point for when I have to do all of this again.
    • Install a second disk on this machine, load up Ubuntu on it, and make it dual boot for my wife, who notes that she can finish reading her email in Linux during the time it takes the Windows computer to boot up.
    • Figure out how to get the DVD image into a form that qemu can use, so that “essential” Windows programs can be run from inside Linux.