Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dell Dimension Documentation

The none of you that have read this blog from the beginning will remember that my current computer is a Dell Dimension 2350, now a rather old, cheap computer which nevertheless does just about everything I want. I would, however, be happier with more memory, but I didn't remember what the maximum amount of memory for the 2350 was. So tonight I put the string Dell Dimension 2350 into Google™ and found, to my surprise, a link labeled Documentation. It's a link to Dell's online information for the 2350, including such topics as "Technical Overview," "Controls and Lights." "Solving Problems," "Advanced Troubleshooting." "Technical Specifications." "System Setup Program," "Adding and Replacing Parts," and "Documentation." In other words, the manuals that Dell didn't ship. Highly useful, I'd think, and I suppose that there are similar pages for any Dell computer model.

And in answer to my question, the 2350 supports up to 1 GB of memory. I only have 512 MB, so I need to see about upgrading.