Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This blog first appeared three years ago today. It started out as A Linux Notebook, and that's pretty much what it still is. There are a few "Things" thrown in here and there just for fun.

So in three years there have been over 12,000 hits on the blog, and 14,000+ on the Linux only extracts from the Fedora Core days. Considering the cross-talk between the two pages, but taking into account the fact that I didn't start keeping count for over a year, I'd guess there have been 15,000+ "unique hits" on this blog, which ain't bad for a farm boy physicist from Kansas whose best-known paper never hit 500 citations.

The most popular topic ever here was on Linux, Firefox, and rtsp, meaning a lot of people needed help with viewing Realplayer videos. Still popular is the mini-tutorial on making transparent png images with the GIMP. The weirdest search was something about "AMITYVILLE HORROR." I can't find the comment I made about it, but a lot of people came looking here for some reason. I hope I helped you all.

The most surprising thing about this blog is that I've kept it up and running for three years. It must mean something to me, though I haven't the foggiest idea what. I have met some interesting people along the way. And I've apparently created a puzzle that no one can solve (hint: it's not a turtle, but it lives very close to one). And, I guess, occasionally I need to write down a few notes about how to do things on this furshlugginer computer.

I guess I'll keep it going for a while. Maybe, in the next few years, I'll get a bit more feedback? :-(


Anonymous said...

You're a physicist? Never guessed...

That picture is Twoflower's luggage, of course! A shame that Terry Pratchett's work isn't being turned into film faster. "The Color of Magic" will have to take a place on the shelf next to Niven's "Ringworld" trilogy in the category of "books that would make cool movies, which Hollywood continues to ignore".

No Blogger ID, so I'll pick "anonymous" but it's Penguin Pete.

rcjhawk said...

And We Have A Winner! Finally!

You win a giant gift-wrapped No-Prize -- I raided Stan Lee's closet a few weeks ago, just in case.

(Those who don't get That reference -- it's from the 60's. Deal with it.)