Monday, January 16, 2006


What's Washington DC really like? Well, you could check what we watch on television. You'd expect shows dramas like "West Wing" and "Commander in Chief" to be popular, right? And Jack Bauer? Sure. Not to mention all of those political talk shows.

So what were the twenty most popular TV shows of the fall? Football. Each and every one. Mostly the Redskins, of course, but throw in an occasional Rose Bowl and a few other playoff games into the mix. There was nothing else.. The top twenty most watched shows in DC this fall were all football games.

Twenty-first? Desperate Housewives, of course. But only because that was the bye week.

The Redskins lost last week. We're returning to running the country.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

hey, we live nearby. Do you attend a LUG? Don't know if I'd actually have time for it, but I've always wanted to attend one.

It's A Binary World 2.0
BTW - responded to your fvwm comment

rcjhawk said...

Nope, never been to a LUG. Back in the day, when it was the only way to get software, I went to some Apple (//e) user group meetings, but never been to a LUG. Surely there are some in the Annie Rundel area, but I haven't looked for them.