Saturday, January 28, 2006

Linux Distribution Chooser

Jeez, almost two weeks since the last post. Well, I have been busy with work. No excuse, I know.

However, let's start out slowly:

How do you know which Linux distribution is right for you? Well, you can work by trial and error, or you can go to the Linux Distribution Chooser. It asks a series of questions and then recommends one or two for you to try.

When I took the quiz, it recommended either Fedora Core or Mandriva, with a suggestion to look at SuSE. I used Mandrake, Mandriva's predecessor, for a while, and we use SuSE at work. Based on this limited sample of one (1), it's possible this thing knows what it's talking about. Give it a whirl and leave a comment here.


Anonymous said...

It hit me just about right as well - kubuntu, fedora, and SuSE. I started with SuSE 8, and now I use Fedora 4 on my three machines. Can't say I've used kUbuntu, but it still got pretty close.

Anonymous said...

Hah. I was actually /just/ going to ask you about something semi-similar.

I'll ask you tonight if I see you, else I'll commentspam here again.