Friday, April 29, 2005

Trip In Progress

So here I am, outside of Kansas City, Missouri, sitting up on my bed and using my Hotel's free DSL connection to read my email and Blog.

Visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH, yesterday. It was an interesting couple of hours. Looking at the busts of players was interesting. I'm pretty sure that Merlin Olson and Deacon Jones looked a lot meaner than that when they were playing. John Riggins' bust looks just like what you'd think a caracature of Riggo would look. They wanted to show Joe Gibbs in glasses, but not put in the glass, so they just have the top of the frames. Sonny Jurgenson looks just like he does now. The momentos were fun, too.

However, I didn't feel any need to stay longer. 90-120 minutes seems about right. I think the Baseball Hall of Fame will be more interesting. Hopefully I'll get there in a year or two. One Child might want to school in upstate New York, if so, maybe I can add a trip to Cooperstown some day.

Last night I was back home in Indiana. Not Bloomington, alas, but outside of Indianapolis. The big news there is that the Legislature approved Daylight Savings Time for the state. Previously, the parts of the state neare Chicago, Lousiville, and Cincinnati observered the same time as their neighbors, but the majority of the state has been on Eastern Standard Time since the early 70's. It certainly applied while I was there. I guess they finally got tired of figuring out if they were on the same time as New York or Chicago.

More in a bit. I've got quite a few things to write, let's see how long I can stay up to write them.