Friday, April 29, 2005

In Search of the Liberal Media

Having a 6-CD changer in your car and a bunch of "Greatest Hits" from 60s and 70s groups means you never have to turn on the radio. However, out of a sense of civic duty, I did turn it on for some periods of time. I was searching for the Liberal Media.

I found right-wing talk shows, lots of religious stations, Spanish stations, sports stations, and "Talk About Mrs. Grundy's Zucchini" stations, but I didn't find a Liberal station. Well, NPR, but that's always on the far left side of the dial on low powered stations, so I didn't find it often when I hit SCAN.

I did find a station which knew about our new ambassador to Canada, but upon further investigation the station proved to be actually broadcasting from Canada, so I don't think that counts.

I did hear one minister who was extremely populist, talking about how the poor were getting poorer just like at the end of the 19th century, and looking fondly upon the establishment of Unions, the Minimum Wage, and Social Security. He may have to give up his Republican voter registration. I wrote down some of his contact information, but it's out in the car. More on him when I can look him up. As you may know, the Populist movement around 1900 was very religious. There is even an article in this month's American Scientist which touches on the phenomena in conjunction with the evolution trials. What we now call Conservative and Liberal were somewhat different then.

Anyway, for those who were worried, my survey of the airways shows that the Government has not silenced the People's ability to speak on religion. Neither the Republican-appointed Majority on the Supreme Court, the Republican Controlled Congress, nor the Republican President has silenced the People.

Tomorrow I'm going into the Reddest Red State. Maybe I'll find some Liberal Media there?