Friday, April 29, 2005

Random Trip Tidbits

Things that don't deserve a full post:

  • The Pennsylvania Turnpike is still the pits to drive, but they are trying to improve it. Slightly wider lanes, and now the trucks don't have to drive in the left lane to avoid the potholes in the right lane.
  • Outside Canton, I saw a bunch of Amish with old-style suitcases sitting by the side of the road waiting for, I guess, a bus to pick them up.
  • The other thing I will remember about Ohio is the constant admonition that "right lane must use shoulder". Occasionally, "left lane must use shoulder". Fortunately, the shoulders of the road were smoother than most of the main road.
  • Just west of St. Louis, you cross the Missouri River on I-70. On far side of the river is the biggest honkin' casino I've every seen. Looks bigger than anything in Vegas. Of course, there's only the one there.
  • In spite of the constant religious broadcasts on the radio, there are an awful lot of "adult" stores advertising on really big billboards all over Missouri.
  • Maybe there's a cause and effect thing in that last post?
  • One radio minister was criticizing Christians who didn't meet his standards as being "yellow stripes in the middle of the road." Then he included adulterers in that. Uh, Rev, adultery pretty much puts you in the wrong lane.
  • Another minister was talking about increasing stress in our lives: "First we had seatbelts in our cars. Then an airbag. Then a passenger side airbag. Then side airbags. Then we said, 'forget this, we'll get a Hummer' ... then we drive up to the gas pump ... "
  • I've now memorized enough pre-1990 songs to permanently embarrass at any party.
  • It was raining today, so I had to use an umbrella. Today, of all days, forgot my towel.
  • No, I haven't seei it yet. The Washington Post Review says "what it doesn't have is a discernible plot". Which just means that Teresa Wiltz never read the books.
  • Tomorrow, Holyrood. I'm not going to try to post via dialup, so we'll wait for Monday in Manhattan.
  • And now, from a hotel in view of the George Brett Bridge and across I-70 from Kaufmann Stadium, I bid you good night ...