Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Picks

OK, as promised, here are my picks. I didn't pick the play-in game, since I didn't even know that Oakland was in Michigan, and I still don't know who won. ( Oh.) It doesn't matter anyway.

I was going to put these in bracket form, but that's too hard for me to do in HTML, so I'll just list the winners of each round. If you want to fill it into a bracket see CBS's form. Note that I have no clue whose going to win, these are just picks taken from what little I know of each team coupled with a bit of hope and some historical necessities. If you use these picks for your pool you are in big, big trouble.

And with that, here we go:

Midwest Regional (Chicago)
First Round: Illinois, Texas; Alabama, Boston College; UAB, Arizona; Southern Illinois, Oklahoma State
Pod Finals: Illinois, Boston College; Arizona, Oklahoma State
Sweet Sixteen: Illinois, Oklahoma State
Elite Eight: Oklahoma State
West Regional (Albuquerque)
First Round: Washington, Pittsburgh; Georgia Tech, Lousiville; UCLA, Gonzaga; Creighton, Wake Forest
Pod Finals: Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech; Gonzaga, Wake Forest
Sweet Sixteen: Georgia Tech, Gonzaga
Elite Eight: Georgia Tech
East Regional (Syracuse)
First Round: North Carolina, Iowa State; Villanova, Florida; Wisconsin, Kansas; N.C. State, Connecticut
Pod Finals: North Carolina, Villanova; Kansas, Connecticut
Sweet Sixteen: North Carolina, Kansas
Elite Eight: Kansas
South Regional (Austin)
First Round: Duke, Mississippi St.; Michigan St., Syracuse; UTEP, Oklahoma; Iowa, Kentucky
Pod Finals: Duke, Michigan St.; Oklahoma, Kentucky
Sweet Sixteen: Duke, Kentucky
Elite Eight: Kentucky
Final Four (St. Louis)
Georgia Tech, Kansas
Championship (St. Louis)
Georgia Tech

Next week I'm going to be at the ever-popular American Physical Society March Meeting in beautiful downtown Los Angeles. (Didn't know there was one, did you?) If Internet access doesn't cost an arm and a leg I'll post something about the meeting and the, ahem, sights. If not, see you in a week or so.