Sunday, March 13, 2005

Bracket Day

I think when the NCAA selection committee meets, it goes something like this:

Ohmygod!! We've only got one ACC team as a number 1 pick!!! What will Billy say? What will Dick say? What can we do?

Anybody we can screw?

Yeah. Look at Kentucky. They didn't win their conference tourney. Give them the shaft.

OK, but look, put them number two in Austin. That's not too far from Lexington, closer than whoever we put number one. Tell Tubbs it's just like a number one, and if he complains, we'll move him to Chicago and he'll have to face Illinois.

That's good. Now. Which ACC team gets the number one? Wake Forest?


OK, that was a good one. Duke, right?

Everyone: Ah, Duke!!!

OK, that's settled. Now, really, can we move Gonzaga down from a two? Don't want them to get uppity.

Bracket selection day isn't all that big around here. I mean, I went to schools where not making the tournament is a firing offense. (Sorry, Mike Davis) Kansas made it about where they should be. You could argue a two, but Oklahoma State almost beat them at home and beat them in Kansas City (KU's home away from home) and anyway, KU hasn't played well since January. So a 3 is OK.

I'll put up my predictions later in the week, after I look at the brackets in detail. However, I'll make one now: When ranked number 1, Roy's teams always lose in the way that tells the best story. And what's the best story on the board this week?

That's right, children, KU's going to the Final Four.