Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Microsoft Speaks 1337

Parents, Microsoft knows that you often don't understand what your children are saying. Especially on the computer. Why, they might even be talking to hackers, crackers, or (gasp) Linus Torvalds.

How will you know? Well, you first must learn to understand what your children are typing. And so, here's a helpful guide to 1337.

Did you know that some numbers look like letters of the alphabet? For example, ''1337'' => ''leet'' => ''elite''? Yes, you can learn that and much more from your friends at Microsoft.

Microsoft is a trade mark of Microsoft. Not valid in the EU, at least until we get a certain bill passed. Required where not prohibited. Taxes, tags, and viruses additional. Consult your local MSCE to learn about our frequent crash program.


Carol Davidson said...

Gasp! I read the translation link, and I've just realized that these look a lot like what my three year old types on the computer! I'm reporting him to the authorities.