Friday, September 24, 2010

Ubuntu and Flash

I've been running the 64-bit version of Ubuntu 10.04 for about five months, and have had few problems. Most of them you've heard about. Lately, though, I've had a major problem — Ubuntu's unbranded version of Google Chrome, aka chromium-browser, wouldn't run Flash.

If I tried to visit a flash site, I'd get something like this:


The apparent cause is a corrupted profile. Exactly what's corrupted, I couldn't say. Basically, to get Flash running again you need to wipe out all traces of chromium and start over. I did this, but I wanted to at least save my bookmarks. Here's how. Open a terminal and type in everything to the left of the # signs:

cd # Go to your home directory
mv .config/chromium chromium_old # save your old configuration, at least for now
chromium-browser # start the browser up.  Exit immediately.
cp chromium_old/Default/Bookmarks* .config/chromium/Default # restore you old bookmarks
chromium-browser # surf normally.

Of course, you've lost all your saved passwords, surfing history, etc. Think of it as a way of weeding out the chaff. A project, for someone who has the interest and time, would be to go through each file in the old profile and determine which one got corrupted. If you do that, feel free to let us know what you find.