Saturday, September 25, 2010


I liked Boomer better than I like Kona.

Which is a short way of saying that if you're watching the re-make Hawaii Five-0 in order to see more of Grace Park, you're better off getting all the Battlestar Galactica disks from Netflix and watching them. Boomer/Sharon/Athena/Eight was interesting and sexy. Kona looks like a school girl. A painfully thin school girl.

To put it mildly, I'm unimpressed by the whole Five-0 experience. At the start, they do keep the same theme song, how could they not, but they make the images flash way too fast, and cut it short as well.

Then there's McGarrett. Not my idea of a NCIS/Seal/Cop. Well, maybe a Don Johnson-style cop, since he always needs a shave. But Alex O'Loughlin is no Jack Lord. Or Mark Harmon, for that matter.

I did like Danno. The first thing I thought was He reminds me of James Caan. Then I look up Scott Cann, and find that he's James Caan's son. This is one improvement over the old show, the old Danno was a wimp.

And I love the makeup work they did on Jean Smart, who plays the governor. She's my age, but they managed to make her look old.

OK, this is a meander, and not a review, but lets see — what was good and bad about the episode itself:

Good: There's an underlying mystery here, something only hinted at in the first episode. Sort of like in last year's The Good Wife, where we learn that there's some deep dark secret in Chicago politics (who knew?)

Bad: Jean Smart's roll is apparently going to be along the lines of:

McGarrett: You gave me unlimited authority!

Governor: And you exceeded it!

Implausible: McGarrett and Danno attack what is identified as a Chinese cargo ship. While there, they are attacked by a variety of bad guys, including the episode's main villain. They win easily, of course. In the entire scene we see not one person of Asian extraction.

I'll probably watch a few more episodes, as time permits, either on Hulu or with FIOS On Demand, but this isn't going to be one of those shows that's automatically DVR'd.