Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Advice for IE Users

Most readers of this blog use something other than IE to surf the web. (Currently only 19% use IE here, down to 2% over on Working With Fedora.)

However, the Linux & Things staff does not discriminate against IE users. All are welcome here.

Other sites, however, are not so tolerant.


Penguin Pete said...

Ooooh, that Lobster guy sounds fun! Very candid.

I still have parts of my site that I simply gave up on for IE. My X Window Manager guide, I literally got it working on one Internet Explorer and then checked it on another Windows machine and it's broken again. But it's always checked through W3C.. I'm thinkiing about putting up a link to a text-only version with PHP to autodetect the browser. Maybe a sound file to go with "you're running Internet Explorer!"... the game show lose-sound "wah wah wah wa-a-a-hhhhh...."

Lord, I'm punchy at 1 AM.