Sunday, August 28, 2005

I Feel Slighted

Been hitting the "Next Blog" button at the top of this blog a lot today. Surprisingly, a lot of blogs have multiple comments for every post. Even blogs that have only been up a few hours. Yet here we sit, gathering an average of 15+ hits per day, and we get no comments.

And then I see that most of these comments are of the form:

Gee, your blog is great! Visit mine! I'm selling fraking great stuff!

Yes, boys and grils, the blogsphere has been infested with spammers. Just like email! And if you go to one of these adblogs, you find that they don't allow anonymous posting, so if you comment to tell them what a frackin' piece of drek they are, they can harvest your email address, probably to send you more spam.

Fortunately, Blogger has installed a word verification option to limit these kinds of comments to people who actually take a few seconds to think before they post. That's a Good Thing, and I hope it works.

But I still want to know, how come I don't get these comments?. Like I said, I get 15+ hits per day, many obviously from "Next Blog" users, and I get zero comments. Well, except from Abby, who obviously reads what I'm saying and makes intelligent comments. But I get no spam posts! I should launch an affirmative action campaign so that I get more spam.

So come on, lowlifes! Spam me. Tell me how great your Blog, selling various varieties of excrement, is. Let me have it.

And leave your blog address, so I can return the favor.

Sehen Sie in der Hölle.


Penguin Pete said...

There, there, it's not so bad! I noticed you linked to me, so I have a link back to you on my site. And look, I'm spamming you!

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Blogs are still relegated to the ghetto in the internet world...after my (now) tenth blog, I have figured out that blogging is about one tenth producing content and nine tenths pounding the pavement screaming at everybody to come see it.

I found out that you linked to me through: . You type in your addy, find everybody who links to you. But you can also Google search for keywords that identify your blog. And watch your blog not come up. But notice which blog *does* rise to the top. Now put *that* address in Link Popularity's box. Note all the sites that link to it. Now visit each of *those* sites and click their "suggest URL" link. Be sure those sites get your link up as well.

The second thing I did, is check out sites in my category and view their source, paying attention to the META-tags. *That's* how you want to set things up for search engines to crawl your site, because it obviously worked for them!

Finally, I have found no end to blog directories. You'll find links to a dozen at least on my blog. If they took a lowlife like me, they'll take you, too!

Good luck, and happy promoting!