Saturday, August 27, 2005

Finding the Right Lights to Turn Off

A few weeks ago, we did a bit on how to Turn Out Lights under FC4, i.e., shut off programs that start on a default system on boot-up, but you don't need. But which programs can you safely turn off? Fedora Weekly News has tells us in Which Services Can I Disable? This goes through many of the programs you see with the command


It doesn't cover all of the commands I found, and it has some that don't appear on my computer, but it's useful none-the-less.

Hey Windows Users! You undoubtedly have some programs running that you don't need, as well. Check those running in your Startup menu for starters. You can also disable lots of other useless programs. (I'd say Windows is a useless program, but then, you know, I'm not entirely rational on the subject.) Run Google and search for "remove useless Windows programs" or similar strings. You'll find a bunch of stuff.