Saturday, November 27, 2004

Pictures From a Small Town

As mentioned, we spent Thanksgiving in Holyrood, Kansas, pop. approx. 450. I grew up there, so watch it. I thought a few pictures might be in order:

  • This is Main Street on Thanksgiving Day. Not very busy, true. On other days, there is activity around the bank and H&B, the local phone/cable/internet company. (DJ says they'll have a home page real soon now.) Otherwise, it looks pretty much like this all the time. The consoldated elementary school is at the end of the street, over the hill.:

  • All Kansas towns feature a high-rise grain elevator. This one's operated by the Holyrood Coop:

  • And, of course, you always need water:

  • Oil used to be the main industry around here, but now it's mostly gone. However, the recent increase in oil prices (thanks, Dub) has made it profitable to pump out what's there. At least, pumpers are working all over the place:

  • When not working the fields, it's nice to have a hobby. Centuries from now, after enough of these have escaped, people will probably figure that these are native birds, just like pheasant:

  • This was taken about 5 pm on Nov. 24, a few miles west of town. The city is to the right, you can just see the elevator near one of the telephone poles: