Sunday, November 28, 2004

Intel Fortran Compiler (8.1)

The current version of Intel's Fortran Compiler for Linux is 8.1, up from 8.0 when we installed it in FC1. Let's try again:

  1. Go to the compiler ad page.
  2. Click on Free Non-Commercial Download.
  3. Click on Download Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux. Answer the survey questions.
  4. Click the "register" button and fill out the form. Use an email address which works.
  5. They remembered I have an active registration, but will send me the information I need to download again. They sent me the same license file again.
  6. Download the software (82.2 MB).
  7. Untar the file and visit directory
    $ tar xvzf l_fc_p_8.1.018.tar.gz
    $ cd l_fc_p_8.1.018
  8. su to root, run the install script, answer the questions. Install Fortran Compiler. Accept license agreement, default placement, RPM flags.
  9. Install debugger.
  10. Exit installation program. Put /opt/intel_fc_80/bin in $path. Compile test program:
    $ cat hello.f 
          program hello
          write(*,*) 'hello world'
    $ ifort  -ccdefault list -tpp7 -W0 hello.f -o hello
    /opt/intel_fc_80/lib/for_main.o(.text+0x1c): In function `main':
    : undefined reference to `MAIN__'
  11. .

Hmm. The requirements for this version include the use of the gcc 2.3.2 or below, and we're running 3.4.2. I'll have to look into this.