Saturday, November 20, 2004

Just One More -- installing Electric Eyes (ee)

I couldn't resist. To install "Electric Eyes", aka ee from a src.rpm:

  • First, go to and follow the directions to build local RPM directories and the ~/.rpmmacros file.
  • Next, find an src.rpm for ee via Google. this one ( looks good. Download the file (ee-0.3.12-5.src.rpm) to your ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS.
  • The command you want to run is
    $ sudo rpmbuild --rebuild ee-0.3.12-5.src.rpm
    This may not work at first. Satisfy all the dependencies. In my case, this involved
    $ sudo yum install imlib-devel gnome-libs-devel
    which installed everything I needed. YMMV.
  • Now run
    $ sudo rpmbuild --rebuild ee-0.3.12-5.src.rpm
    This should complete successfully.
  • Go to ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/i386, where there should be a file ee-0.3.12-5.i386.rpm. Also a debug file, which we can ignore.
  • $ sudo rpm -ivh ee-0.3.12-5.i386.rpm
  • The program is installed.

Good night. I really mean it.