Friday, November 19, 2004

I Agree

  • First off is that I agree to the License, namely the GPL
  • Then enable Network Time Protocal, so I'm always on time. Three servers are listed, we can add more.
  • Configure display
    • Monitor is "Unknown". Actually, it's branded Envision, whatever that is. Choose Generic CRT. Actually, I don't seem to get a choice.
    • It's only giving me 800x600 resolution at the moment
    • I do get millions of colors
    • Presumably we can fix all this later
  • Create a "non-administrative" account name. I used to get to create several, I may have to do this later. For now, create my personal account
  • I could not hear the sound test. Again, I hope I can fix this later. For now, no sound. Yuck.
  • Finish. Hmm.