Friday, November 19, 2004

Package Selection

The default packages for this workstation include:

  • Web Browser (which?)
  • Evolution email
  • IM
  • "Sound and Video Applications
  • Games

Add a few more with the custom option:

  • X Windows (a default selection, hereafter DS)
  • GNOME (DS)
  • KDE
  • Editors -- emacs and vim-enhanced (DS)
  • Engineering and Scientific: blas, gnuplot, lapack, octave, units
  • Graphical Internet -- the default is Firefox for a browser. Add gftp, pan (usenet) and thunderbird. GAIM is the IM client
  • Text Internet -- add lynx. Get rid of slrn (newsreader). Wonder how elinks works as a browser? Fetchmail is included here for some reason
  • Productivity: Add abiword, gnumeric, tetex-xdvi, and xpdf. OpenOffice and gnome PS and PDF viewers included in DS
  • Sound and Video -- HelixPlayer (DS), I'll probably go with RealPlayer later. Add k3b and kdemultimedia
  • Authoring and publishing -- Add this, in contains the entire tetex distribution
  • Graphics -- includes gimp, add kdegraphics. No xpaint, I'll have to add that later
  • Games -- add the KDE packages
  • Development tools -- gcc, g77, perl, python, expect, etc. -- Need all these
  • X Software Development -- I hope this includes all the header files we need to compile aplications
  • Ditto for GNOME and KDE
  • Admin Tools (DS)
  • System Tools -- nmap, screen, ethereal, zsh
  • Printing support -- keep only a2ps and enscript until we get a printer attached