Wednesday, July 04, 2012

And Still More Changes

So Google, not content to have killed off my beloved Google Notebook, has now decided to kill off iGoogle.

Now I know it wasn't the most popular of services, but it was useful to me. My iGoogle page has the news feeds from the Washington Post, New York Times, Time, a Weather feed, and a score of other things, including some of my favorite bloggers, like Cletis, Pete, and Fran. I can see what's new at a glance. And now it's going away in a little over a year.

On Google+ I found a post recommending an alternative, Protopage. It looks — well, it looks like iGoogle, really. It even has the ability to add sticky notes, which function pretty much like entries in Google Notebook — unfortunately, the only way to add a new note is to choose Add a sticky note from the Add Widgets tab, but maybe that can be change.

Thanks to our benevolent masters, we have over a year to try out alternatives. Let's see how this one works.


rcjhawk said...

Note added in proof: works reasonably well on my iPod Touch. If iGoogle had such a setting I never found it.

Ritwick said...

try out which is similar to protopage

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