Saturday, April 03, 2010

A New Toy (Coming Soon)

The hypothetical long-time reader of this blog will recall that when I started it I had a Dell Dimension 2350, aka Hal, running Fedora Core Linux, and another 2350, Hal's Evil Twin, running Windows XP.

Six and a half years later, the only change is that I've converted the evil twin to Linux, and switched to Ubuntu. But I still have the same machines, with some minor upgrades. I'm cheap, what can I say?

The status quo is about to change. Last week Office Depot had an HP Pavilion on sale at a really good price, about $440. 4GB memory, 640GB disk, dual core processor, etc. I was set buy it, until I read the CNET Review (on Best Buy's product page for the HP), which told me that Gateway had a much better computer, the SX2840-01. Dual core, 4 GB, 1 TB disk, HDMI output, etc. About $100 more, but it looks to be worth the price.

Gateway doesn't seem to sell retail anymore. They directed me to JSR, which had the computers in stock when I first looked but quickly ran out, probably because Best Buy had undercut its own sales by posting an honest review. The promise to get in more, though, so I put in my order and am now waiting expectantly. Hopefully the new two will get here about the same time as Ubuntu 10.04.


Penguin Pete said...

You named your computer "Hal"? I missed that. I've always named my office box "Euclid" after Max's computer from Darren Aronofsky's "Pi". I wonder how many other movie computers people name their home computers after?

- Penguin Pete

rcjhawk said...

Actually, "Hal" was just the nom de blog. But I did, indeed, name the new box Hal.