Sunday, January 13, 2008

Under Construction

Comcast finally pulled the plug on our account this week. They were actually pretty nice about it, giving us about a month of email forwarding and web space after our defection to Verizon. Heck, I may switch back to them when our contract is up in two years (hey, folks, we've got competition in the cable TV and high-speed Internet market — enjoy it while you can).

With the account turned off, some of the links on the right-hand side of the blog will be invalid, and some of the pictures in the blog will probably disappear. (I moved as many as I found onto Blogger its own self, but I probably missed a few.) I'm working to restore the links. I even have my own domain, now: You'll note the home page is pretty much like the Comcast one, but not all of the links are live as yet. I'll try to get everything pretty much back the way it was during the upcoming three-day weekend.

I should say that the Verizon FIOS service has been pretty good so far. Only two glitches. One, the wireless connection has gone down three-four times, sometimes for an hour or more. This might be neighborhood interference. Two, for some reason I can't play streaming audio of Prairie Home Companion via mplayer, even though I can play it using Real Player. This might be a bug in my mplayer setup, but it started immediately after we switched. Something to be tracked down ...