Monday, November 05, 2007

The Bemused Kansas Jayhawk Football FAQ

I haven't posted for a while, possibly because I'm in a state of shock. In case you haven't heard, the Jayhawks are 9-0. In Football, no less. (In basketball, a team that doesn't start 9-0 is considered suspect. Anything worse that 7-2 is considered a failed season.)

Since this is a rather unusual situation for us all, I thought I'd put together a small FAQ:

  1. Is our RPI good enough to get us into the tournament? Uh, well, ... You see, there isn't a tournament.
  2. Huh? No, the NCAA, in its infinite wisdom, does not hold football playoffs for NCAA Division I schools. All other divisions, including Division I-AA (don't ask), have a championship tournament, but D-I does not.
  3. Then how does the NCAA determine a Division I champion? It doesn't.
  4. This is going to sound repetitive, but ... Huh? No, there is no NCAA D-I football champion. There is, however, a Bowl Championship Series, and the winner of the BCS is usually considered the D-I champion.
  5. So is KU in the BCS tournament? Uh, there's no tournament. It's only one game.
  6. ???? I agree.
  7. So who picks the teams in the game? Some writers and some computers.
  8. Sigh All right, how are we doing with them? This week, we're fourth, behind Ohio State, LSU, and Oregon.
  9. But LSU and Oregon have a loss! Yup, but the writers and the computers think KU is a weaker team.
  10. Why's that? Two words: Southeastern Louisiana
  11. Oh. OK, what has to happen for us to get into the game? KU has to win out, beating Oklahoma State, Iowa State, and Missouri, and the win the Big XII Championship Game. And the opponent there better be Oklahoma. LSU & Oregon have to lose another game, and it wouldn't hurt if Ohio State loses to Michigan. If all that happens, we'll get into the BCS game.
  12. Otherwise the season's over after the Big XII Championship? No, we'll get to go to a bowl game, if we win out. Probably in the Orange Bowl game, if we win out.
  13. And that's, oh, a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving? No, it's on January 1.
  14. After the BCS Championship game? No, that's not until January 7.
  15. What? You mean that the supposed two best teams in the nation have to wait for a month to play each other? Yup.
  16. Why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  17. Oh.
  18. So basketball will be in full swing before this BCS game? Yes.
  19. Won't people forget about the BCS by then? Strange as it may seem, in many parts of the country football is more popular than basketball. I don't know why, either, but for some reason people care about football.
  20. But they still don't have a true National Champion? No.
  21. So apparently they don't care all that much. Well ... they do, but it's mostly about professional football.
  22. What's that? I wouldn't know. I root for the Washington Redskins.