Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

Just a few random thoughts on the game:

  • Chicago did a pretty good job with its "If Rex Grossman is off the field he can't hurt us offense," but they lost sight of it in the fourth quarter, leading to defeat.
  • While I'm happy Tony Dungy and Payton Manning won, phrases like "second Super Bowl win in Colts' franchise history" stick in my craw. It's the first win for Indianapolis, OK? The phrase "in the middle of the night" still only means one thing in Maryland.
  • So much for playing the game in nice-weather venues. New York (well, Jersey) or DC (I mean Landover) would have been a lot better this week. It was football weather — cold.
  • I was going to give best commercial award to K-Fed, because nothing else caught my attention — I don't remember what he was advertising, either. But the two minute warning NFL in-house with Brett Favre was better, and the only memorable one in the lot.
  • Next Super Bowl? Ravens and Redskins. (If you believe that, boy, have I got some penny stocks to sell you.)