Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Uninstalled Ubuntu

There is plenty of stuff in the Ubuntu repositories (Official, Universe, Restricted, and non-free) that isn't installed by default. I find most of it necessary. I don't remember everything, of course, but let's make a little list:

  • gcc and make: It's not a real computer unless you can compile your own software. If you don't have these installed, you've just got an expensive version of WebTV.
  • gstreamer and lame: Sometimes you've just got to have your MP3s.
  • k3b: The best CD/DVD burning tool out there. Not included because it's KDE based, rather than Gnome
  • Firefox 1.5: This will be in the next version. For now, you have to download and install it yourself.
  • mail and msmtp: Remember I said that I couldn't get this to work? Well, use the mailx package, not the Gnu mail tools, to get the proper mail program. Then msmtp will work if you do a slight bit of editing of the .msmptrc file. I can now send email from the command line, just like I could 20 years ago!
  • xine and mplayer: Sometimes you like to watch.

There's undoubtedly more, but that's what I remember right now.