Thursday, September 15, 2005

Search that Blog, Seek that Quote

OK, suppose, for some reason that's locked up in the reptilian portion of your brain, you want to search for something in BlogSpace, rather than just on the web. Never mind that a regular search of Google™ for firefox rtsp will land you right in this blog, suppose you want to search for some of our other fine articles. Or maybe you want to search for humorous stabs at Dubya and company.

Well, friends, Google™ has just what you're looking for: Google™ Blog Search. Apparently, GBS searches and indexes RSS feeds from sites which ping places such as Weblogs to inform the world that something new is coming down the pike. Being Google™, you can then export the search results into your very own RSS feed, so you can constantly get news on topics of interested to you in the BlogVerse. (For topics of interest in the real world, you can always use Google™ News.)

I've played with it a bit, but I'm not convinced that it's the greatest thing since frosting-covered donuts. It's a bit weird at the moment. A search for George W Bush gives as its first link The Temple of George W. Bush in the "Related Blogs" header, and a link to Dubya's biography as the first post.

Perhaps we need a little more tweaking.