Saturday, June 25, 2005


Language? Pick English (English). No choice of English (Lobbyist), which would be appropriate for this area.

Keyboard? U.S. English

Upgrade? I have the option of upgrading FC3 to FC4 in place. Not this time, as I said, I want to repartition the disk anyway. So do a full Install from scratch.

Installation type? Looks like last time I picked "Workstation" and added packages, so we'll try that.

Partition disk? OK, last time we did automatic, but this time I want to have more control, so let's try Disk Druid.

After some playing around, the disk looks like this:

Partition Mount Point Type Size (MB)
/dev/hda1 (boot) ext3 102
/dev/hda2 / ext3 27000
/dev/hda3 /home ext3 29094
/dev/hda4 Extended 1020
/dev/hda5 Swap 1020

Where /dev/hda5 is mounted below /dev/hda4.

Use the GRUB loader, installed on /dev/hda. Only FC4 will be on this disk for now.

IP and hostname set by DHCP, since we're using a router connected to a cable modem.

We're not going to run a server here, so enable the firewall and disallow access to our internal SSH, HTTP, FTP, SMTP.

Set up SELinux.

Set up Eastern Standard Time, and set the system clock to UTC.

Set root password.