Sunday, February 06, 2005

Yup, a Dynasty

OK, I missed the score by one (24-21, not 23-21), and I didn't get the ending right, but the Pats did win. It was not a pretty game. The defense mostly dominated the first half, and and the second half had some nice drives by both sides.

Remember how it was said that McNabb wouldn't make the mistakes Rothlisberger made? McNabb made the mistakes, though.

Oh yes -- Freddy Mitchell? One catch, 11 yards. TO played fantastically, though, 122 yards on 9 catches.

And what about Philadelphia's time management? Down by ten with about 4 minutes left, they played like they had another quarter in the game. Even on the last possession, before the interception, they lost time on the clock when Westbrook caught a no-gain pass. That and the turnovers killed the Eagles.

Sorry Philly. You've still got chances, though. McNabb is yet young.

However, Brady is younger, and the Pats will have all their on-field weapons back next year as far as I know. They'll lose both coordinators, but the keep Belichick. I'd say they're odds-on favorites for next year's Superbowl. Yes, we do have a dynasty.