Friday, November 19, 2004

Monitor Settings, Upgrades

You go to System Settings => Display, click on Hardware, then Monitor Type => Configure, then click on the arrow to the left of Generic CRT Display. I set this to Monitor 1024x768, now must restart X.

That works, though of course I have to resize the screen again from the monitor control panel. No flicker, fortunately.

For some reason I'm running KDE, it seems. Up on the top is a big red "!". When I click on it, it wants to run up2date to fix a bunch of stuff. Then it wants to install a GPG key to verify packages. I did that, I think. Click some stuff and off it goes.


vito said...

Hallo, bin ein wenig gesurft und fand dein blog. Ich denke du hast ein interessantes Thema hier. Auf jeden Fall werde ich dich und dein blog zu den Favoriten nehmen.

Ich habe eine Seite über grafikkarten. Hier findest du alles über grafikkarten und noch viel mehr !

Wenn du Zeit hast, schau doch mal vorbei ! :-)

rcjhawk said...

Uh, you do realize that you posted your spam to a year old post? And that the blog is in English? Maybe you'd better have a word or two with your marketing people.