Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Playoffs

No, I'm not going to talk about the future of the Red Sox, nor if St. Louis's bats can keep bailing out the Cardinal's pitching. Instead, I want to talk about which playoffs are the best.

  1. Baseball: It builds. Night after night, week after week. Things that happened three games ago are relevant tonight. Heck, things that happened in 1918 are still relevant.
  2. Football (NFL): Twelve teams, one month. Lose and you're out.
  3. NCAA Div. I Baskeball: 64(5) teams, one month, lose and you're out. Not as exclusive as the NFL, since any team has a theoretical chance to get in via the conference tournament, and the 30+ at-large teams make the regular season irrelevant. But the passions run higher than in the NFL.
  4. NHL (if played): It goes on way too long. But the skating of the Stanley Cup is the best thing about sports.
  5. NBA: Too long, period. The only time worth watching is when there are two teams with a long history. Unfortunately, Larry and Magic retired over a decade ago.
  6. NCAA Div. I Football: (Herman Edwards' voice:) Hello!!?? Is anybody listening? I said playoffs.