Saturday, December 27, 2003


I quote from the Mozilla Firebird 0.7 Release Notes, in the big yellow box:

PLEASE NOTE: You should create a new profile for Mozilla Firebird 0.7. To create a new profile, start Mozilla Firebird by running MozillaFirebird.exe -p and click on the "Create Profile" button.

You must also delete your old Mozilla Firebird directory rather than just overwriting the files there. Not doing so WILL result in problems and you should not file any bugs on Mozilla Firebird unless you've first done a clean install and tested on a new profile. As Mozilla Firebird stabilizes more this will not be necessary but until then these steps are absolutely necessary.

Yes indeed, when I delete my ~/.phoenix directory, after saving the bookmarks, and restart Firebird, it runs Flash animations. Jeez, you'd think after all this time I'd learn to read.