Thursday, May 06, 2004

This Time She'll Let Me Kick the Ball!!!

In other baseball news, the DC baseball commission made its annual pitch for baseball in Washington to the Expos relocation committee. Hope springs eternal, but I suspect that there won't be baseball on the Potomac as long as Peter Angelos has anything to do with it. We go through the same thing every year:

"We'll decide by the All-Star Game"

"Oh, thank you, thank you great almighty Sirs, we will build the finest stadium the land has ever seen -- a stadium with a veritable plethora of skyboxes, and a few seats for real fans. It will make money hand over fist from all those corporations who can't afford Redskin's Sky Boxes."

"Whoops!! We have to look at Norfolk, Portland, and Las Vegas. In detail. Wait until next year."

"Aaagh!!! She pulled the ball away again!!"