Sunday, May 16, 2004

That Personal Touch

Favicons are those little pictures that show up on the location and tab bar of your browser, that little icon which identifies the site. There's a favicon list here if you want to see some of the more commercial ones.

On my own pages I use a script M, which shows up in Firefox's icon bar but not in the location bar, where they put the Comcast C.

I wanted to personalize this blog with the script M favicon, but Blog*spot, Blogger's free hosting site, doesn't store pictures. So I tried an experiment. I went to Blogger and edited the template for this site. Just before the </head> command I put in the lines

<!-- Add favicon, I hope -->
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" />

which calls up the icon from my home web page. And it works. Better than on Comcast, as the script M shows up in the location bar as well as the tab bar.


jonny said...

Hello mike. I got yr link from a mate (who i spect googled you) and in seconds sorted me out on the wee prob i had - go to



jonny said...

Wierdly, the icon shows in my usual browser Mozilla, but not in IE6.


rcjhawk said...

IE really stands for "Incarnate Evil", you know.

Seriously, sometimes Firefox doesn't pick up the icon. It almost always appears in the tab bar. On my personal toolbar, currently 5 of 11 sites have icons displayed. Oddly enough, "Linux & Things" does display the script M, while "Blogger" does not.

In the address bar, the Blogger icon almost always shows up, but the M almost never does.

jonny said...

wierd, but similar to my experience. i will chk back & read more, as i want to try linux at some point. taraaa