Saturday, May 15, 2004

OK fixed it

Comments can now be made to all of these posts. Be the first on your block to make scintillating remarks. Heck, be the first person to let me know you read this thing. Just click on the "0 comments" link below this post. Or any post, what the heck.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I read this. Now there's no longer a "0 comments" link. ;) I came along, searching for the RSS Reader bug: "We're sorry but the Username/Password combination you've entered is either invalid or you don't have permission to access this Blog." That was an ugly thing, wasn't it? Well, I'm glad that it's fixed now. I'm gonna put your XML-file to my RSS Readers panel. May be I'll read your blog again.

Greets from Germany

rcjhawk said...

We have a winner!!! For our first comment, he gets an unofficial no-prize. For what that entails, see