Monday, October 17, 2005

Aaack! You Win!

A while ago, I complained that I hadn't been getting enough Spam comments to this blog.

Well, the situation has changed. Today I got seven (all removed). Most are inane. I did save this one for posterity.

I'd go return the favor in the blogs that try to link here, pointing out that they are different from Oedipus: they know what they're doing. Unfortunately, most of these blogs (or outright advertisements) don't allow comments, and the ones that do are scary.

So I've given up and added Blogger's word verification feature. This means that you'll have one more step before you can add a comment to this blog. Sorry about that, but I've got better things to do than delete comments like:

Great blog on Linux. I have a blog on Linux and Viagra. Stop by.


Carol Davidson said...

I have a great blog about Linux and Sex.

Okay, it's not about Linux.

Okay, or sex.

Hey, what's the html for putting the little URL bar icon up there? If the answer to this is complicated, just pretend that I asked something else.

rcjhawk said...

Abby's asking about the script M that appears in the address bar when you click on this blog. It's called a Favicon.

I wrote Abby a long explanation, then realized that I had already described the process.

Now I just need to come up with something other than a lame script M.

rcjhawk said...

Forgot: Note that Blogger now lets you add and store images, so you can save your favicon file on Blogger. This is a change since I made my previous post.