Monday, May 17, 2010

The “Right” way to move buttons in Ubuntu's Gnome

Apparently using gconf-editor or directly editing the file $HOME/.gconf/apps/metacity/general/%gconf.xml to move the control buttons back where they belong is not the Correct Way to Do It and Will Cause Problems in the Future. Or so it says here (see #3).

Despite there always being More than one way to do things, we here at Linux & Things are always willing to show you The One True Way.

So here we go. Apparently, in the New Ubuntu Gnome, only the Ambiance, Radiance and Dust themes have buttons on the left. All the others still have buttons on the right. So if you want a Right-Wing Ambiance, say, you pick a Right-Wing Theme and edit it to Look Like Ambiance. Got that?

That's right. To make Ambiance with buttons on the right, edit, say, the New Wave theme and make it look like Ambiance:

  1. Click System > Preferences > Appearance
  2. Select New Wave and click Customize
  3. Click the tabs Controls and Window Border and select Ambiance for each.
  4. Click Icons and select Ubuntu-Mono-Dark
  5. Close

But don't forget The Other Way to Do It, for use when Ubuntu arbitrarily moves New Wave's buttons to the left.