Sunday, February 06, 2005

Vanity of Vanities

OK, it might not be as bad as The Preacher said, but I'm going to start an exercise in ego-boosting or self-humiliation. At the bottom of the right-hand bar you'll see a little box that says Site Meter, which will keep track of visits to this blog. At the moment the number on it is 1. That would be me. Clicking on the meter will give you some other stats about this blog.

It's sort of like the citation index we have to keep track of at work. I've got a number of publications, and every once in a while the powers that be want to know how many people reference them. And therefore we go to the Citation Index, which (for a fee) counts such things. The Site Meter performs a similar function for the blog.

I'm curious, really. Who reads this thing besides me and TK? Anybody? No one leaves comments. So this is a way of finding out.

So let me know, Blogizens, is anyone out there reading this?