Monday, February 21, 2005

More Blog Stats

This is part of an occasional series where I hit the next Blog link at the top of the page 100 times and categorize the results by the first comment that comes into my head. This time I hit the button 102 times. One of these was a repeat, and another was very bad HTML, so I counted exactly 100 blog entries.

The following categories are my own labels, and may not reflect the actual content of the blog, just what I saw on the first few screens. Don't ask me which blogs fit where, 'cause I didn't keep a list of links I hit. If you think I'm deriding your own blog, I'm probably not, I most likely didn't see it.

My Life: Stories, comments, notes, pictures, from ordinary people20
Non-English: Again, nothing wrong with this, I just can't classify them19
My Life, LiveJournal Version: broadened definition -- people who are, think, act like, or wanna be teenagers. Most of last time's Incomprehensible category falls in here13
One Post (within the last month): The optimists13
Advertising disguised as a blog: There are a surprising number of these. Many are essentially the same post repeated over and over. Does someone get money for signing up for one of these things? And who finds them, other than fans of random surfing? 6
Personal Sports, Hobbies, and Obsessions: running, knitting, church restoration, you name it 5
Photographs: one blogger, one digital camera 5
Promote a Cause: You've really, really got to help with this 3
Art -- Classical, Modern, Commercial 2
Interesting Things on the Web: smorgasbord of links. Dave Barry's Blog would fit here 1
The Law 1
Music 1
Middle East 1
Politics -- Mostly Conservative 1
Tech -- Hardware 1
Tech -- Software 1
One Post (more than a month old): Optimism didn't pan out 1
Politics -- Mostly Liberal 1
Pop Culture 2
Science Fiction -- TV and Movies 1
Singles Organizations 1
Sports 1

Void where prohibited. Taxes, tags, and ammunition extra. Offer may be different in certain states, consult your local web authority. No blogs were harmed in the making of this table.