Sunday, November 06, 2005

Chapter 3 is online

I've posted Chapter 3. Wrote it yesterday at Barnes and Noble, fortified by Starbucks coffee. No, not Starbucks' coffee, she might shoot me.

It's an info dump, trying to give all the background I can think of for the Stargate side of the story. Hopefully it's consistent with series canon up to Fourth Horseman. However, series canon isn't totally consistent, so if I'm off a bit I won't care.

There is little proof-reading in the last chapter. If I get this thing finished before the end of the month I'll polish it up. However, there is little danger that I'm going to get it done too soon. I only have something on the order of 3,500 words, and the requirement is 50,000. It has been a busy week, and there are vacation days coming up, so I hope to get done around Thanksgiving. But we'll see.