Saturday, November 12, 2005

Answering William Allen White

Back in my pre-youth, William Allen White famously asked What's the Matter With Kansas? Alas, now we know.

In an effort to help people who must live or visit Kansas, the Annals of Improbable Research has published these useful stickers. I'm reasonably sure, given my status as a Jayhawk-in-exile, that they'd allow me to repeat the text here:


as per order of the Board of
Education, November 8,2005

Use of this device or substance
may require, imply, and/or endorse
the existence of one or more of the
following: chemistry; evolution;
electromagnetism; gravity;
mathematics; thermodynamics;

I should point out that this case shows a classic political fallacy: the belief that just because you win one election, it's all over. Recall that in 1999 the Kansas BoE passed something similar. Those who voted in favor were booted out at the next election. All over, right? Well, guess again. They're baaack. They may well be out after the next election, but guess what, they'll be back again. Even, I bet, in Dover, Pennsylvania.

Eternal vigilance, folks.