Saturday, November 26, 2005

Almost Middle Aged Writer ISO Title

With the beast that has taken over my life at over 40,000 words, the time as come to give it a title.

Just one problem, I have no idea what the title should be. Well, I did at one point, that's not the main focus of the story now.

So a little help, Gentle Readers. What should the title be? Leave your comments below.

If I use your suggestion, I'll be happy to Tuckerize you. Just give me a title and preferred mode of death. (Hey, I've tuckerized the I-95 bridge over the Potomac, so why not you?)


Anonymous said...

"Origins" (Though that would steal the name of a SG1 episode)

"The Thirteenth Colony"

"Truths and Trusts"

And I'm not entirely sure what the mode of death would be for, but:

A) Creative: Death by having your esophegus ripped out, beaten with it, and then forced to eat it. And swallow.

B) Realistic: Falling from a plane without a parachute


rcjhawk said...

Adapting one of yours:

Points of Origin

Thank you. You will be suitably Tuckerized. I don't think I have the space to manage a gruesome death, so you'll just be mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I dunno... those Cylons can be pretty harsh, what with their esophagus-envy.