Friday, May 05, 2006

Maybe I Should Change My Logo

It appears that the strain of being the one blue dot in a red state is putting a strain on the powers that be on Mount Oread. From various sources, we learn that the Kansas Jayhawk is "too fun and informal" to be used for official business.

The May 8 print edition of Sports Illustrated has a hilarious remake of the Jayhawk that would be suitable for KU's letterhead. Unfortunately, it's not on line.

The Executive Vice Chancellor, Paul Carter, said "The letters KU represent our nickname, and the KU gets right to the heart of the matter." Of course, Dr. Paul didn't notice that "KU" is a rather strange nickname for an entity officially named "The University of Kansas," but hey, if we can't understand the evolution thing, who'd expect us to learn proper English?

Anyway, Paul, lighten up. Get outside of Strong Hall. Go wave the wheat. Sing the alma mater with the Chant. Go see a Kansas City Royals game to see an organization with real problems.

Then put the 'Hawk back on the stationary.